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Paper rolls box Artcomp Trade is one of the leading manufacturers of thermal paper rolls in Romania. Our company has been commercializing printing paper and other stationery products since 1996. In 2002 we started production of paper rolls for cash registers, taximeters, fax machines and paper rolls for custom orders, when a machine with a capacity of 60 tones/month was put into operation.

In time, acquiring numerous equipments has lead to an increased, diversified production, with the result of an extended market of clients from 27 counties and Bucharest. The primary factors contributing to our success have been product quality - mainly due to the use of Thermoscript F5041 thermal paper - and attractive prices.

Any size paper rolls

The range of paper products comprises rolls with lengths varying from 15 m to 600 m. We can produce paper rolls from 50 g/sqm to 120 g/sqm. The outer paper rolls diameter limit is 210mm. In stock paper rolls, paper rolls for cash registers with standardized widths (37mm to 76mm), thermal paper rolls for cash registers and taximeters (27,5 to 80 mm wide), fax paper rolls, minimize the time necessary for delivery. On demand, we manufacture paper rolls for telex machines and other types of rolls for various industrial, medical purposes, etc. All types of rolls can be manufactured at the desired length and width, with a personalized wrapping according to the pattern chosen by the customer.

High quality Thermoscript F5041 paper

Derulator pentru role de hartie

Our company manufactures paper rolls using Thermoscript F5041 paper, produced in Germany by Mitsubishi HiTec Paper. The manufacturing process has obtained TÜV certification which attests compliance with ISO 9001. For every batch the manufacturer presents a certificate of guarantee. Our converting machine is one of the latest generation and the real-time parameters control is provided by Omron PLC.These quality guarantees ascertain that our products are in accordance with the laws of Romania, with the provisions of OUG 82/1999 (r2) and its respective norms, regarding paper rolls for electronic cash registers.

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